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Company Ventures has a unique approach to venture capital that aligns good intentions with ambitious growth. This is expressed through a number of initiatives, from how we equip exceptional founders with a foundation of values-driven, ethical and inclusive leadership, to working with a broad range of startups and future technologists through our programs that are deeply aligned with the NYC tech ecosystem.

DEI Playbook for Early Stage Startups Cover

DEI Playbook for Early Stage Startups

Founders today find themselves in a unique moment to design their businesses to authentically build trust and avoid future pitfalls.

Check out our DEI playbook for early-stage startups—a set of tools and resources for founders to build infrastructure for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) across their organizations.

This playbook was created in collaboration with J.P. Morgan Chase Commercial Banking.

Workforce Development

Invest in, and benefit from, workforce development initiatives such as our signature CUNY internship program.

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Jannine Versi Portrait
Company’s North Star process helped us carve out focused time to go deep into our personal and company values. Not only did we have a safe space in which to openly discuss, debate, iterate, and come together around something meaningful, but it was incredibly helpful to hear input from our team members reflected back to us.
Jannine Versi
Co-Founder & CEO of Elektra Health