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“Boosting” Inclusion in the Venture Ecosystem

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FEB 15 - 2023

“Boosting” Inclusion in the Venture Ecosystem

BFF cohort 2

Today, the New York City Economic Development Corporation announced the list of 100 founders who will join the inaugural Founder Fellowship Program, part of NYCEDC’s initiatives to improve access to capital and networks for underrepresented founders across all tech-enabled sectors. Boost Founder Fellowship at Company Ventures is our 4-month pre-accelerator program working with 20 founders from historically underserved communities who are leading venture-scalable tech startups and raising pre-seed or seed rounds of funding. We aim to address the funding gap by supporting these founders through our investor and founder networks. Today, we’re excited to announce the inaugural cohort of Boost fellows.

For Company Ventures, New York City is integral to our identity as an organization, and we will continue to work with our partners in government to help build a more equitable and inclusive tech ecosystem — and the Boost Founder Fellowship plays an important role in these efforts. 

In a turbulent market, there is a tendency among venture investors to constrict investment and resort to pattern matching. Instead, what we posit is that there is tremendous opportunity for seeking disruption from corners of the market that may have been overlooked in the past. The venture community can open up its resources and networks to help fuel a new generation of entrepreneurs who are building solutions to tackle our most pressing challenges. At this pivotal moment for our city, VCs can play a leading role in reimagining what’s possible for the future. 

As we think about what’s to come, we couldn’t be more excited or proud to work alongside these incredible founders. Working with our partners in government and the greater NYC tech and innovation ecosystems, we will be leveraging our expertise, network, and resources to help our founders catalyze their businesses. 

Read more about the Company Ventures Boost cohort below:

Bolder (Daniel Salcedo) is a content creator platform that leverages an influencer's videos by directly featuring them on a fashion brand's e-commerce platform via Shopify.

Bunnii (Meredith Brunette) is a personal health record and digital care navigation platform for fertility. Its data infrastructure enables patients to complete fertility treatment with the tools to organize, track and interpret their health data.

ChurchSpace (Emmanuel Brown), coined as the Airbnb for churches, is a tech-enabled marketplace that turns underutilized church real estate into on-demand meeting, working and gathering space.

Churpy (​​John Kiptum Juma and Kennedy Mukuna) is helping businesses across the US automate mundane but crucial finance back-office workflows such as reconciliation and billing. Churpy is connected to multiple banks and over 20 ERPs pulling and reconciling different data sources. 

Dathic (Laura Rocha and Jose Daniel Ramirez) offers a data insights and AI-powered analytics platform and API for brands to understand and authentically serve the $3 trillion US Latino and multicultural consumer markets.

Dropshop (Cosimo Corsini, Amr El-Shimi, and Ricardo Gomez-Cendon) is an online marketplace that connects local fashion brick and mortar stores to the consumer. Given its sustainable last mile logistics capabilities, Dropshop delivers to customers in under 2 hours while helping reduce CO2. 

Easy Trademarks’ (Ruba El Moussaoui, Joanna Nachef, and Bahia El Yafi) vision is to build the number one intellectual property (IP) platform that enables brand owners and innovators to protect, manage, enforce and monetize their IPs all in one place.

Endex (Brittany Wright and Kevin Loo)  allows investors to create, share, copy, and monetize investable portfolios or “endexes” through our broker agnostic platform while sharing insights and building community with like-minded investors. 

Enrich (Alfonso Carney III) is a financial partner to high performing underrepresented college students (Enrich Scholars) as they enter the workforce and beyond, beginning with quality job placement, and developing support for smart financial decision making. 

Iuncta (​​Swalé Nunez) is a user-controlled and privacy first social login that gives users secure control and authority over the access of their profile data during login and online account creation through transparent data access — so users are always aware of what data is being shared, when it is being shared and with whom it is being shared.

Motivity Care (Karina Muller and Mim Senft) takes the complexity out of caregiving management, saving time, money and stress, offering an efficient and compassionate solution that addresses pain points and reduces mental burden for the caregiver and those whose care they are managing or overseeing. 

Movig (Ibrahim Ayub and Luca Barone) is for creators. Movig centralizes and automates workflows so creators can save time, get brand deals, and grow faster.

Numina (Tara Pham) empowers cities with data to become more accessible and equitable. It provides a sensor and data platform that gathers unprecedented behavioral insights from streets and public spaces, to help urban planners and facilities managers design places to be equitably shared by pedestrians, bicyclists, and other travelers — not just by cars and machines.

SmartAn (Maria Mikhailenko) is a credit risk management SaaS for B2B that collects private data from accounting systems, checks data quality, provides analytics and consolidates financial statements in a single data model.

Sproxxy (Melanie Samba), short for “speaker + proxy,” is an enterprise SaaS platform that helps companies book and manage corporate spokespeople at industry events.

TeloPoint (Hyeyoung Lee, Erik Wildt, and Martin Kim) has built a technology and healthcare services infrastructure for in-home care delivery, starting with lab testing. Its platform removes obstacles to primary care access by connecting patients with their existing providers via telehealth and in-home care delivery. 

The Sloth (Namu Park) is a no-brainer resale app for lazy shoppers. Its mobile app integrates with your inbox, finds order confirmation emails, then generates a personalized catalog of your past purchases with the item details such as price, measurement, sizes, and photos. 

Tourus (Thalida Noel and Lindsay Martinez) is a B2B intelligence and engagement platform that helps multifamily properties save on marketing and improve conversion by making the most of their tours and warm leads.

Truffle Health(Kristjan Tomasson and Rui Maki) guides patients in understanding, reducing, and paying for all their medical bills. On Truffle, patients can view all their medical bills in one place and receive alerts for new bills by connecting their health insurance. When a patient clicks on a bill, they walk through a flow to understand the charges and health insurance coverage and identify errors and savings opportunities.

WXLLSPACE (Jordan Giha) is a two-sided marketplace platform that bridges the gap between artists and real estate developers for creative placemaking. Its platform connects creatives all over the world for public art and murals.

We’re so excited to welcome our new cohort, and will be providing updates throughout the program. Keep up with us on our website, our blog, LinkedIn, and Twitter.